Special Exhibition「Collectors Collective Collection」


biscuit gallery is pleased to present a special exhibition “Collectors Collective Collection,” featuring three art collectors Mahiro Kobayashi, Yorito Masegi, and HIRO, from December 15th through 24th. 

Three collectors featured in this exhibition had their first collection show “Collectors Collective” in 2019. After 3 years, their 2nd exhibition will be held this year again.

Through the collection of each collector, we get a flavor of how they see and think of art – this exhibition is the place where you can see the characteristic of each collector. Also, it could be an opportunity for you to find new artists. We hope every viewer can enjoy on their own way.
* All the works in the exhibition won’t be sold.

Various events will be held during the exhibition period, including a talk show by participating collectors on Saturday, December 17.
Details will be posted on the biscuit gallery website and  our SNS channels.
* Sold out


Collectors Collective Collection
December 15th Thu 〜24th Sat, 2022 

【Participating collectors】
1F:Mahiro Kobayashi
2F:Yorito Masegi

【Artists】 ※Artists might be changed
1F) Mahiro Kobayashi:Kanjiro Okazaki、Narumi Sasaki、Sawako Nasu、Nanae Mitobe、mé、Kohei Yamada、Miryam Haddad、Ouma、Yulia Iosilzon​ and more
2F)Yorito Masegi:Ayako Ishiba、Kei Imazu、Kazuki Umezawa、Kenta Kobayashi、Takuro Tamayama、Naoya Hirata、Regine Schumann and more
3F) HIRO:Dan Isomura、Koiichiro Tada、Myoji-Namae、Syota Yamauchi、Nimyu and more


biscuit gallery Curator Projects Vol.2 – Open application for a curator position


biscuit gallery Curator Projects


biscuit gallery started a new project called “biscuit gallery Curator Projects” in September, 2022. In Vol.1, we welcomed a young curator Riho Matsue and she curated a duo show titled “notes of shadows” with Satoshi Kikuya and Kasumi Maeda. 
The gallery was full of people to see the exhibition during the term and heard so many positive opinions about the show. We feel excited about big possibilities of development of art curation here in Japan.

The project will be continued and now the application for curator position is opened.

Please send us the information referred below via email:

Title:”Curator Projects ” Apply for curator position(*name*)
Material to submit:
1 Profile
2 Portfolio of the past exhibition curated by the applicant(If an applicant has experiences)
3 Proposal for Vol.2 exhibition
4 Support material  *not required

Please send them in one PDF form (A4 size).

Email address to


Content:Organizing and leading a curatorial exhibition using 3 floors of biscuit gallery

Number of position:1person(1pair)

Qualification:Any nationality, age, gender, qualification or experience, individual or group is welcome. If selected, the applicant must be able to take full responsibility for all the steps from preparation to installing/deinstalling.

Application will be closed on December 31st, 2022

How to select:Based on the result of material review and interview

About the project

1. Budget (Commission fee, transportation fee, installing fee, promotion fee etc) will be paid by the gallery *Amount of budget will be discussed

2. The space (3 floors) of the gallery, utility and other relevant needs will be supported by the gallery 

3. biscuit gallery’s advisory board will support the exhibition

Exhibition term:Late 2023〜2024 ※The scheduled will be decided after the discussion

biscuit gallery floor map

We are looking forward to working with a new talented curator of next generation.



【News】Syozo Taniguchi’s 1st book “My Song” will be published in July, 2022

We are pleased to announce a contemporary artist Syozo Taniguchi’s first book “My Song” will be published as the first publication from ‘biscuit books’ (biscuit Inc.).

The official release date is scheduled on  July 28th, 2022.

Syozo Taniguchi is a contemporary artist born in Ehime, Japan in 1990.
Since the beginning of his career, he has actively held solo exhibitions or participated in group shows. 

Recently, he has been highly acclaimed not only in Japan but also abroad, especially among Asian art collectors. His acclaim is expected to be even more promising in the future.

‘My Song’ mainly shows Taniguchi’s works, from two-dimensional to sculpture works, created in 2022. 

‘My Song’ captures Taniguchi’s nowness.

To celebrate this event, the exhibition ‘My Song’  will be held.
For more information about the exhibition, please click the link below;

Syozo Taniguchi first book “My Song” 
Page: 96p

Photography: Naoki Takehisa, Yukako Atsuchi
Published by biscuit books
Cooperation: biscuit gallery
Publication date: July 28, 2022
Price: 3,850 yen (tax included)
Domestic Shipping (Japan): 550 yen (tax included)
*Maximum order per person is up to 2 copies.

Click here to purchase (Domestic)

For international guests, please send a request to purchase via the link below;
Click Here to request a purchase

Artist Profile

Syozo Taniguchi

Born 1990 in Ehime, Japan

Past exhibitions include group exhibitions such as  “HORIZON THAT APPEARS OUT OF THE SLEEPY WOODS selected by Yoshitomo Nara” at STEPHEN FRIEDMAN GALLERY, London 2016, “youth (tentative)” at yutaka kikutake gallery 2021,  “grid” (biscuit gallery) 2022, and solo exhibition “My country road” (Kichijoji Kitimu) 2021.