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biscuit gallery is a commercial gallery to handle led
by a young writer of domestic and foreign contemporary art.


Yosuke Yamanouchi


Yosuke Yamanouchi

1996    Born in Aichi, Japan
2019    BFA in Painting, Nagoya Zokei University of Art and Design
2021    MFA in Oil Painting, Tokyo University of the Arts

Selected Exhibition

Solo Exhibition
Duo exhibition “silence and innocence” biscuit gallery, Tokyo
“sixth sense” biscuit gallery, Tokyo

“Distortion”, CANDYBAR Gallery, Kyoto
“gap”, biscuit gallery, Tokyo

“Glossy Pure Stroke”, CANDYBAR Gallery, Kyoto
“Mindfulness”, gallery b.tokyo, Tokyo
“To the abyss”,  myheirloom pre-open exhibition

“Weaving thoughts”, gallery b.tokyo, Tokyo

Group Exhibition
biscuit gallery second anniversary exhibition “grid2” biscuit gallery, Tokyo


biscuit gallery first anniversary exhibition “grid”, biscuit gallery, Tokyo
“Blue Period exhibition”, Warehouse TERRADA G1 bldg, Tokyo

REAL by ArtSticker “The 6th prophecy-The first sentence-“, KITTE 4F, Tokyo

Art Fairs
Kiaf Seoul 2023
Art Fair Tokyo 2023


Yosuke Yamanouchi confronts the history and structure of painting itself in a frank manner and creates works that attempt to draw out its full potential.His approach of quoting classical paintings while slightly and boldly altering them is reminiscent of the stance of avant-garde artists, Dadaists, and Surrealists, but his works go further and refer to the materiality of matériel in painting.

Just as the Russian avant-garde artists created the concept of Faktura, in which they paid attention to the surface treatment and effects of paintings. Yamanouchi, as seen in his “Epidermis Series,” does not limit painting to a simple discussion of images but gives his works visual effects that could be called “the tactile nature of vision.