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biscuit gallery is a commercial gallery to handle led
by a young writer of domestic and foreign contemporary art.


【Duo Show】Daichi Igarashi×Kentaro Okumura “Inter-sphere”

biscuit gallery (Shibuya, Tokyo), a commercial contemporary art gallery on Shoto Bunkamura Street in Shibuya, is pleased to announce the duo show “Inter-sphere” featuring works by artists Daichi Igarashi and Kentaro Okumura.

The exhibition will be held from Thursday, June 8th to Sunday, June 25th.



Diseases between dysthymia and schizophrenia are called borderline personality disorder. BPD is etymologically defined by what it is not to condone misreading, intruding, transgressing, scanning, resulting in a development to strata.



When a feeling is duplicated, you describe a certain emotion with an established écriture such as “I’m angry”, “I’m relieved”, to maintain the  conveyance of meaning, ending up with an eternal loss of its raw, vivid and timeless identité.



Under a violent, epileptic explosion, a patient shows a perpendicular intentionality to break through mêmeté to indentité. From the disordered to the ordered, and also from the pathological to the healthy.


List of Works


Artist Profile

Daichi Igarashi

1996 Born in Tokyo
2016 Started studies at Tokyo University of the Arts
2022 Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts Graduate School, Painting Department, Oil Painting Course

Through a series of projects in which he uses reproduction techniques to paint his personally selected motifs as still life paintings, he examines the transmission of imagery and the universality seen in its transformation.

Kentaro Okumura

2022 Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, Painting Department, Oil Painting Course

Recipient of the Ataka Scholarship (2020); Ueno Geiyu Award (2021). Exhibited at Artists’ Fair Kyoto (2022).

Okumura aims to create works as entities that encourage the renewal of logical space on the theme of the conflict between life and death, maps and the act of translation. He works in media centered on sculpture and video.


Igarashi Daiya and Okumura Kentaro Duo Show

biscuit gallery 1st – 3rd Floors
Thursday, June 8 – Sunday, June 25
13:00 – 19:00 *Closed Monday – Wednesday
Installation:Munehiro Ota
Free admission
Produced by biscuit gallery