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biscuit gallery is a commercial gallery to handle led
by a young writer of domestic and foreign contemporary art.


Yuta Fukuhara


Yuta Fukuhara

1997 Born in Tokyo
2020   BFA in Oil Painting, Musashino University of the Arts

Selected Exhibitions

Solo Exhibitions
2022 “Third Time’s the Charm-Last garden The Movie-”, GINZA SIX Art Wall Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2022 “Garden”, Shimokitazawa Arts, Tokyo, Japan
2022 “The Garden Once More”, MAKII MASARU FINE ARTS, Tokyo, Japan

Group Exhibitions
2023 “biscuit gallery Christmas Exhibition”, biscuit gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2022 “Love&Peace Exhibition 2022”, SOGO Hiroshima, Hiroshima, Japan
2022 “Nine Colors”, Hankyu Umeda, Osaka, Japan
2022 “ART IS…”, WHAT CAFE, Tokyo, Japan
2019 Duo Show “introduction”, S.Y.P Art Space, Tokyo, Japan
2015 “Immaturity – Starting here”, 634 Tenjishitsu, Tokyo, Japan


The motifs of Fukuhara’s paintings include a wide range of subjects, including people, still life, and landscapes, and the types of paintings range from abstract to figurative. Fukuhara finds the subjects of his paintings when he is alone or in the midst of his mundane daily life with friends. He creates paintings based on images he takes with his smartphone, but arranges these images freely through the artist’s sensory filter. Fukuhara always hopes to shorten the distance between the viewer of his paintings and himself, the artist, and to have the viewer relive the perspective he had when he was painting. In other words, Fukuhara’s paintings and drawings are an effective medium for sharing with strangers the sensations and perceptions he has in his daily life that are not fully articulated through his artwork. However, Fukuhara never forces the viewer to have a “correct” view of his paintings, but rather allows the viewer to perceive them freely through his or her own sensibilities. In the midst of an increasing number of contemporary art works that overly demand context and prerequisite knowledge and compete only with each other for “esotericism,” Fukuhara’s painting practice is strikingly fresh.

Hiroki Yamamoto / Art Critic