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biscuit gallery is a commercial gallery to handle led
by a young writer of domestic and foreign contemporary art.


Saki Fujikawa


Saki Fujikawa

1990  Born in Tokyo
2013  BFA in Oil Painting, Tama Art University

Selected Exhibitions

2022   “Hikari no Sekisou”, WhimsyWorks, Taipei, Taiwan
2022   “Iki wo Suru Toha”, KATSUYA SUSUKI GALLERY, Tokyo, Japan
2022 ”Subete no Kajitsu niha Tane ga Attarashii “, LIGHT HOUSE GALLERY, Tokyo, Japan
2020   “Muroka no Enogu”, River Coffee&Gallery, Tokyo
2020   “Konseki e no Kahitsu”, Gallery Yukihira, Tokyo
2019    “Inori no Dansou”, Gallery ondo, Tokyo/Osaka
2018    “Mike no Kyouzon”, Gallery Yukihira, Tokyo
2018    “Michi no tame no Esquisse”, Gallery ondo, Tokyo/Osaka
2017    “Kamakiri no Ono”, Gallery ondo, Tokyo/Osaka
2017    “Fujikawa Saki no Jungarakuta”, Art Complex Center, Tokyo
2017    “Oukan no Purezento”, Aoneko Shobo, Tokyo
2016    “Kowarenakyaumarenai”, Art Complex Center, Tokyo
2016   “Fujikawa Saki Solo Exhibition”, Art Space KIN GYO KOO KAN, Taipei
2016   “Ikiru wo Kakeru”, MASATAKA CONTEMPORARY, Tokyo
2015   “Hibi to Doukisareru Aato”, d-labo Midtown, Tokyo
2015   “Shinsedai he no Shiten 2015 Fujikawa Saki Solo Exhibition”, Galerie Tokyo Humanité, Tokyo
2012   “petit ”GEISAI”#15 Jury Prize Winners Exhibition Fujikawa Saki Solo Exhibition”, hidari zingaro, Tokyo


2014   TAGBOAT ART FES 2014 Jury Special Prize – Morishita Taisuke (Art Lab Tokyo) Award – Winner
2014   TAGBOAT ART FES 2014 Jury Special Prize Sugita Tetsuo (GALLERY MoMo) Award – Winner
2011  petit “GEISAI”#15 Jury Prize ob Award – Winner


She creates works based on her interests and the questions that arise from her surroundings and dialogues. She has been focusing on creating a number of paintings that are mainly based on the human will.
Since her solo exhibition “Addition to Traces,” held in 2020, in which she drew on the belongings of others, her interest in people living in the present has grown stronger, and she has repeatedly recorded (created) trivial changes in the world that unfold in front of her eyes as parts of her works, in real time.
She agrees with the words of numerous painters who have told her that “to live is to paint,” and she works with her brush in her studio every day.