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biscuit gallery is a commercial gallery to handle led
by a young writer of domestic and foreign contemporary art.


Shimpei Yoshida×minori solo exhibitions “How do you see the sky when you forget the word sky?”


biscuit gallery is pleased to present two solo exhibitions “How do you see the sky when you forget the word sky?” by contemporary artists Shimpei Yoshida and minori from January 12th through 29th, 2023. 

On the first floor, we show a collaborative duo exhibition by the artists. A solo exhibition by Shimpei Yoshida will be held on the 2nd floor and by minori on the 3rd floor.

Shimpei Yoshida solo exhibition(2F)

Shimpei Yoshida solo exhibition main visual

In recent years, Shimpei Yoshida has actively presented his works both in Japan and abroad, including participating in art fairs. This solo exhibition is going to be his first show at biscuit gallery. The exhibition will be held on the 2nd floor of the gallery.

Shimpei Yoshida
1992 Born in Nara, Japan
2014 Graduated from Kyoto University of the Arts

As the primary medium, he creates paintings, currently based in Tokyo  Japan.  He paints portraits in quiet and subdued colors and tones. In 2018, he participated in an artist-in-residence program at FRISE, an artist-run space in Germany. Since then, he has been developing a series of colored pencil portraits based on found photography and installations inspired by his own personal experiences.

Past exhibitions

「There was a silent night on my side」(FRISE、Hamburg/2019)、「That star at night is closer than you think」(keiokairai gallery 、Kyoto/2021)、「Blick der Imagination 」(Mikiko Sato gallery、Hamburg/2021)、「For example, it is the wind against your cheek」(GALLERY crossing、Gifu/2022)、「An unforgettable room」(YOD gallery、Osaka/2022)、「unreadable letter」(myheirloom、Tokyo/2022)

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minori solo exhibition(3F)

minori solo exhibition main visual

Since her very first solo exhibition “Little Voice” held in May 2021 at biscuit gallery, minori will show her new works for the first time in about a year in this exhibition.  The exhibition will be held on the 3rd floor of the gallery.
At “GEISAI#21” held this year, she won triple prizes – the Otani Workshop Prize / ob Prize / Murata Mori Prize and the Jury Prize.

1992 Born in Nara, Japan
2016 Left VA course in design major, Osaka University of Arts
2020 Graduated from Oil Painting course, Department of Painting, Tokyo University of the Arts 
Currently based in Tokyo

She incorporates the concept of “point and line” into her work, and attempts to express the duality of the act of drawing lines and the various events that result from these actions through painting, installation, and words. 

Past exhibitions
Solo exhibition『&』(Hidari Zingaro/Tokyo)
ART TAIPEI(Taipei World Trade Center /Taipei)
GEISAI#21(Tokyo Big Site/Tokyo)
Group show『Collectors’ Collective vol.6 Osaka』(TEZUKAYAMA GALLERY/Osaka)
Group show『gift from…..to…..』(gallery fu/Tokyo)
Group show『Archives』(myheirloom/Tokyo)
First solo exhibition『Little Voice』(biscuit gallery/Tokyo)
Group show『MOTHER』(gallery fu/Tokyo)
Group show『Vague Swell』(Meets Gallery/Tokyo)
Minori Kikuoka・Takashi Suzuki duo exhibition『Now Light the fire 』(myheirloom/Tokyo)
68th Tokyo University of the Arts graduation show(Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum/Tokyo)
Tokyo University of the Arts oil painting graduation show 2020(Tokyo University of the Arts/Tokyo)
Tokyo University of the Arts Advancement Exhibition -NIO- (3331 Arts Chiyoda/Tokyo)
Tokyo University of the Arts Advancement Exhibition -Travel- (Tokyo University of the Arts/Tokyo)

2022 GEISAI#21 the Otani Workshop Prize / ob Prize / Murata Mori Prize and the Jury Prize
2021 FACE 2021 Selected
2019 FACE 2019 Selected

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How do you see the sky when you forget the word sky?
January 12th Thu 〜29th Sun
13:00〜19:00 ※Closed on Monday through Wednesday

1F:Shimpei Yoshida×minori  duo exhibition
2F:Shimpei Yoshida solo exhibition
3F:minori solo exhibition

Admission free
Organized by biscuit gallery