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biscuit gallery is a commercial gallery to handle led
by a young writer of domestic and foreign contemporary art.


【News】biscuit gallery “Global Action”


biscuit gallery (Shibuya, Tokyo), a commercial contemporary art gallery on Shoto Bunkamura Street in Shibuya, will actively expand its gallery activities abroad under the theme of “Global Action” from 2024.

global action

This will be the fourth year biscuit gallery has been in operation.
For the last three years, we have been able to grow from the generous support from artists, collectors, and others members of the art sector. We would like to thank you once again.

biscuit gallery has held numerous exhibitions both inside and outside the gallery, and from 2024, the fourth year for the gallery, we will actively pursue overseas expansion.

action plan

1. We will actively participate in overseas art fairs.

2.We will promote overseas development of represented and affiliated artists.

3.We will further strengthen our relationships with overseas galleries and art professionals.

4.We will increase our exhibition initiatives with overseas artists in Japan.


【biscuit gallery  “Global Action” 2024】

January 2024: Art Fair (Taiwan)

February – April 2024: Invited overseas artists to participate in biscuit gallery 3rd anniversary exhibition “grid3”

March 2024: Art Fair (Hong Kong)

May 2024: Art Fair (Busan)

June 2024: “International dialogue”
Group exhibition with international and Japanese artists in cooperation with Jens Peterson

Summer 2024: Residency program abroad for represented artist

September 2024: Represented artist’s solo exhibition abroad (London)

September 2024: Art Fair Participation (Seoul)

※As of January 1, 2024. 順次発表して参ります。


【Overseas Development Support Artists】

Kosuke Ajiro
Sawako Nasu
Miyu Yamada
Yosuke Yamanouchi

For inquiries regarding this matter, please contact us here.